All of our ornaments are individually mouthblown and handpainted. Over the years, thousands of different types of ornaments have been, and continue to be created. New trends from lifestyle and fashion find their place on the Christmas tree. The creation of a Christmas ornament involves first an idea, next a sketch, and then the formation of a new type of Christmas ornament mold. Creativity, attention to detail, and experience are necessary skills of an artist to be able to form a mere piece of clay into the first new ornament model.

This model, which is actually a plaster mold, is used as the basis for the glass blowing mold. In order to create an ornament from this mold, a raw glass bulb is heated to about 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. Then the glass artist takes the melted glass and sensitively blows it into the mold. At this stage, the ornaments comes alive. Intricate decoration and hand painting are added touches which make every piece even more unique


First, an idea, a sketch - this is the beginning of a new form of Christmas decorations.


Skilled hands turn the draft into a clay model. Through creativity, attention to detail and craftsmanship, the lump of clay is transformed into the first model.


From this detailed model, a plaster mold is created. The mold will be used to form future ornaments.


With great sensitivity of the glass blowers heat the Rohglaskolben to about 700 ° C and then blows on the ornament.


Now, the delicate glass body is coated on the Innnenseite with an extremely thin layer of pure silver.


Now life is breathed into the glass ornaments: Elaborate hand paintings can be something unique to each ornament.