In the middle of the 19th century people began decorating trees
not only with glass christmas balls, but also with figurative ornaments.

Symbolic for their wishes and dreams they put little glass
Christmas Ornaments on their own tree, or gave them as gifts,
that their wishes may come true. So each ornament had it’s own
meaning. During the years more and more ornaments got created.

From folklore we know the following Symbolism:

  • heart  - symbol for love
  • teapot - hospitality
  • flower - beauty
  • fruits    - generosity and good harvest                     
    fish  - goods  blessing           
    owl - symbol of wisdom        
    gift package -  charity            
    bells - prevent bad luck          
    ladybug - talisman, mojo        
    rabbit - hope and faith                     
    nutcracker - get awareness    
    sport ornaments - wellness and health
  • bird  -  joy and happiness
  • angel - protection and a blessed home
  • santa claus    - goodness and courtesy
  • pinecones - fertility and motherhood
  • house - shelter and protection
  • frog -  upgrade and sucess in business
  • grape     - friendship and sociality
  • flower basket - good wishes
  • star - hope and a kind destiny